Things to remember about the webinar

Good Session at the Test Gathering last night. Thank you all. I learned some new things. I’m glad it was easy for everyone.


  • -The login Troubleshooting line is: 1-866-229-3239 Have this number handy just in case.
  • -Wear ear phones (I wear my iPod ear plugs, for example), or a headset if you are using the easy “Use Computer Headset” audio option. Otherwise, there can be distortion.
  • -Turn off or mute cell phones during the call (my bad).
  • -All timings will be announced in Austin (Central) Time from now on.
  • -An extra Test Gathering is scheduled for Friday:
  1. Friday, April 30: 12 pm Austin CST (10am PACIFIC /1pm EASTERN)
  2. Sunday, May 2: 12 pm CST (10am PACIFIC /1pm EASTERN)
  3. Monday, May 3: 8 pm CST (6pm PACIFIC /9pm EASTERN)
  • -PayPal Hotline if you or any of your friends have trouble with registering with credit cards, etc. (save this number because it’s not easy to find anywhere) 1-888-221-1161
  • -There are a couple of seats open still. If your friends want to join, please send them to the registration page soon:

I will send the attendees a separate invitation with login info to join the Test Gatherings.
Eric and Veemala


About Eric Hamilton

I'm part of a great group of people teaching Vaastu online and in workshops through Vaastu School. We also have a design, build and consulting studio that provides architecture that is conscious of our inherent connection to nature. We like people. Vaastu has been described as 'yoga for your home,' and that's about right. Have a great day!
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