Angor Wat and the Solar Alignment

Angor Wat, Cambodia.  One of the most beautiful and studied temples of the world. Interesting note on solar alignment.   “The temple served as a practical observatory where the rising sun was aligned on the equinox and solstice days with the western entrance of the temple, and many sighting lines for seasonally observing the risings of the sun and the moon were identified.” Eleanor Mannikka, “Angkor Wat: Time, Space, and Kingship” Image


About Eric Hamilton

I'm part of a great group of people teaching Vaastu online and in workshops through Vaastu School. We also have a design, build and consulting studio that provides architecture that is conscious of our inherent connection to nature. We like people. Vaastu has been described as 'yoga for your home,' and that's about right. Have a great day!
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